Cow Power, Electric

First, consider this opportunity for citizen sin Mumbai – it’s cowgen power.

Next, consider this opportunity for citizens of the first world – it’s electric.

This demonstration reminds me that I live in quite a convenient – and excessive – place.


kicking into October

Have you forgotten how to love yourself?

Beautiful People

Take your party dress and dancing pants (off) online.

This social networking site is for beautiful people. You can drool over hot ladies and studs by browsing the site, or – if you’re hot enough to be voted in – have virtual interaction with them. What a treat.

Beautiful People

Fast-tech cameras

How easy is it to connect?

Check out this new camera from Nikon. Now you can instantly upload your photos to the internet, that is, if you’re in a wi-fi kind of area.



Ad Logic:

This is an advertisement in the DC metro, where AT&T provides no service. funny.